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From rooms to buffets, and shows to hot clubs, earn them all just by playing this addicting game! Just a quick walk-through of how this game works. There are a number of casino related games, such as blackjack, and different sets of slot machines.

Using chips you obtain through various methods, you can places bets on these games, and when a certain amount of betting has been placed, you earn a set number of Loyalty Points. Your chip stack may go up or down just like in a real gambling situation, but you'll get Loyalty Points regardless.

You can use these Loyalty Points to redeem a number of different rewards. The more chips you earn, the longer you can play, and the can you win real money on myvegas slots Loyalty Points you'll earn. In essence, this game is all about managing your chip stack, and betting proper amounts to maximize your potential Loyalty Points. There are several methods to get more chips. The more friends you have, the more chips you can get, so get as many friends as you can.

Purchase more chips I think can you win real money on myvegas slots entire appeal of this game is to get freebies. I don't feel that purchasing chips is necessary, but to support this game, Can you win real money on myvegas slots have made a purchase of my own. If you find that you appreciate the game, maybe can you win real money on myvegas slots a small purchase to support all their hard work. They usually give out chips per link, but have seen upwards of chips.

Sometimes, but very rarely, they will release a link that gives out Loyalty Points. The last one released was Loyalty Points. Email Freebies If you are a subscriber to the game, from time to time, you will receive a link for more chips. Typically about chips and again, just can you win real money on myvegas slots to earn.

When successfully built, each property will release a set amount of chips at specified time intervals. When you initially start the game, you'll be provided with 3 related venues to gather chips. You'll receive a helicopter pad, a chapel, and a strip-mall, and as you level up and play, you'll be able to build more buildings and collect bigger rewards.

The following chart provides a more detailed breakdown. During special occasions and holidays, there are sometimes additional bonuses you can get. As an example, during Thanksgiving, there were 2 turkey pens giving out 50 LP each. As of this moment, there is a special event where all properties give out random amounts of chips or LPs.

I don't believe this is permanent but will update the guide as needed. Daily Spin The daily spin is a can you win real money on myvegas slots bonus feature available every 22 hours. You spin a wheel, which contains different prizes of both chips and Loyalty Points.

The amount earned is dependent on a 5 factors: Then based on the number of days you've played in a row, the multiplier starts at x1, and increments by x0. Gifting If you have friends in the game, can you win real money on myvegas slots be able to gift them chips every 12 hours. When you first invite them for gifting, you'll receive chips, with subsequent gifts at 50 chips. When they receive they gift, they'll be able to return the gift to you as well.

You are permitted unlimited gifts, so the more friends, the better, but this becomes casinobonus online tedious task, as you can only click on 7 gifts can you win real money on myvegas slots a time before having to reload the app and can you win real money on myvegas slots. For the initial invite, go to the More tab on the top left of the screen, and click on Invite Friends.

To send gifts, you can either click on the avatar on your mySTRIP and send them one at a time don't recommendor simply go to the More tab again, and click on Send Gifts. There you can see who to gift, and when you can gift. Leveling Up When you level up, you automatically get a chip and loyalty bonus.

These bonuses aren't very much but it's always nice to get more freebies. There is a rolling cap of 50, chips every 24 hours, but that is still a lot of chips. I max this out every day, and it takes me less than 10 minutes. While playing the game, when you level up, hit a bonus, a big jackpot, and other things, you'll see a Share button.

When you click on these links, you will receive anywhere from 50 to chips depending on where the link originated. Having more myVEGAS friends, means that you get a lot of these links, and every link you click means more chips. This is an incredibly easy, but tedious task. Thankfully, there's a much easier way to do this. After loading, you'll see a limited list of about 50 links you can click to get more chips.

If you click on that more, more feeds will appear. You can keep scrolling down and clicking on the link to show more feeds. You have the option to change the collection speed to better adjust to your computer and internet speed.

This takes minutes of my time, and I do it twice a day, once before I start my day, and once before I end повернулся favourite online casinos Продолжай day. It's the easiest 50, chips you can earn as it's mostly automated. It's an app that allows for some extra bonuses and fun on your next Las Vegas trip.

On the Viva myVEGAS app pagethey'll occasionally release a scan code where you can spin another wheel and accumulate more free chips and Loyalty Points. Purchasing Chips Occasionally, there will be promotions where link you purchase chips, you will get Loyalty Points as a bonus.

Again, I don't feel this is worth it, but if you enjoy the game, purchase something to support the game. I've only seen it once, but it was Loyalty Points, and well worth the single click.

You can build it at level 68, and will release Loyalty Points every 8 hours. During some special events or holidays, new ways to acquire LP are implemented. There's no way to predict what gets implemented, but to give you an example, during Thanksgiving, there were 2 extra turkey pens you could click to get 50 LP each. Daily Spin As mentioned earlier, the daily spin can give out Loyalty Points. Everything else remains consistently the same as winning chips.

Gifting Every day, you will earn Loyalty Points for the first 20 people you re-gift to at 5 Loyalty Points per person. Leveling Up As with chips, with each level up, you gain a small amount of Loyalty Points. However, because of the rarity of Loyalty Points, this is actually a pretty significant amount. It ranges anywhere from 50 to Loyalty Points. The higher level you are, the more Loyalty Points you earn, keeping in mind, it's much more difficult to level up in the higher levels.

This is all dependent on the game you're playing, the amount you're betting, and your current level. I will provide my optimal strategy to get over 50, Loyalty Points in under a month. The whole point of this game is can you win real money on myvegas slots gain Loyalty Points to redeem free stuff, and who doesn't like free stuff. Most of these points are achieved through general betting and leveling up.

Although there in european las roulette vegas isn't an optimal strategy for this game, my method lowers the risk of losing your entire chip stack, and gaining the maximum Loyalty Points attainable.

As mentioned above, playing conservatively using this strategy, I'm currently at a little underchips, and over 53, Loyalty Points. This has all been done in under a month, and I know of many others can you win real money on myvegas slots have used the same strategy as effectively as me.

Keep in mind the guide is a work in progress and changes as the game changes, so please let me know if there's incorrect information on here.

The most important aspect of the game is to generate chips. Also, I спросил online casino geld zurück переговаривались playing this game on the Firefox browser.

It just seems to give me the least amount of problems. After downloading the game, proceed through these steps first before you begin playing the game:.

Only the recent posts will be available, but it's enough to start. Please refrain from adding article source many people at once, or you may be put in Facebook Jail. About to start should be okay as long as you only add people on the list. Others will add you as well as long as you put your name down on the list.

Install Game Feeds and if you already have some friends, you can start collecting free chips using the method stated above. I usually open a new tab for this and let it run in the background. Like the page, and you'll have access to over 50, more chips.

If you did this properly, you should have at least few thousand chips, if not tens of thousands, to play with before your first spin. Our goal here is to get the maximum amount of Loyalty Points with the smallest bet possible. We provide the optimal bets with the optimal games, so please try not to deviate from the games or bets described. What I mean by optimal bets is the least amount of chips utilized to gain Loyalty Points. For example, at level 5, if you bet 60 chips, it takes 8 spins to gain 10 LP.

If you bet chips, it takes 6 spins to gain 10 LP. Remember this game mimics a real casino game. In the long run, you're guaranteed to lose, so the more chips you run through, in the long term, the more chips you lose, so it's beneficial to run through less chips.

From levels 1 to 57, as long as you follow the steps below, your daily overall chip stack should be positive. I built aboutchips before I hit level 58 this way. The first game you'll play is Excalibur. Game is pretty simple, just read the tutorials as they come out and keep betting. The whole point of this is to maximize Loyalty Points.

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Best MyVegas Free Chips Strategies to earn the most chips when playing and find the best times to play to earn the most chips. I hate seeing my Facebook feed drown in updates from people playing any one of dozens of games on the site.

I first heard about MyVegas on Facebook a month ago from a colleague. She was just eagerly sharing all the stuff she scooped playing MyVegas on Facebook. You play slots or blackjack and earn experience points and loyalty points along the way. Your experience points help you build new hotels, and earn playing chips, your loyalty points help you win rewards from your game play. It helps you can you win real money on myvegas slots to earn maximum loyalty points while risking the fewest chips.

Have Lots Of Friends See more other thing you may want to do is start a new account so you can as many people as possible who are also playing the game.

One of the best MyVegas Cheats is to have a large friend list that you share chips with on a daily basis. Here you will find people who are willing to be added as Facebook friends so you can share chips.

They will share links and coupon codes so you can have extra chips through the day.

When MyVegas first started up, many of the items in the reward catalogue were free. See more, things have changed. There is a limit to the number of rewards you can claim 3 per 30 day periodand many of the rewards have become 2 for 1, or discounts when you spend x amount.

You can still find good things like show tickets, buffet coupons, and free items, but they are not as plentiful as they once were. I have pumped hundreds of hours into the game over 2 months and so far I have free nachos and half a dozen cans of beer. Now, it must be said you are getting something for your time. Http:// MyVegasyou are earning actual Las Vegas comps, but it takes a long time to get ones that are worth anything.

I can find similar deals on Las Vegas Groupon without having to invest the dozens hundreds of hours in game play and spamming my friends on Facebook. When we were in vegas in March our friends who play myvegas took us to a show with the comps they earned. I have been playing since we got back from Vegas — never buy chips — just added lots of friends and save up chips for when they have double loyalty points, or double level up loyalty points.

I have earnedloyalty points since then. My can you win real money on myvegas slots has about the same. We will them on the big ticket items like shows like love which give you two tickets forpoints.

I am retired and up early so I play then and usually late at night. This is the thing: I will not add a lot of random people to my personal and private Facebook page to get chips. In my opinion he is quite right about saving your chips until double xp specials. I use that strategy as well. A friend talked me into myvegas earlier this year and he was can you win real money on myvegas slots 80 when I started.

He is at now and I am at Both he and his wife play his account very regularly and I generally only put in an hour or so before bed. The higher level you are the better the pays on the daily wheel and I think more importantly the quicker you get your strip built. This generates more cash. I do log in a couple times a day to scoop up article source strip chips.

This pays off fast. You also should take advantage of the unattended spins. Just set it to or and go about your business. I really wish I had made a dummy account right off. I would be much higher right now with the better friend multiplier.

I have about k at the moment. You can really maximize the points if you plan right. The room deals can be great but it is not hard to get great deals at slow times so I think using them on the shows hard to get tickets for is a good option such as O. I only put in minutes a day when playing but I have to admit, the first time I earned 2 Buffet passes and a Tournament of Kings ticket, my girlfriend earned the same. It got even better the 2nd time. And now this time we just both earned Lucky247 casino of Kings tickets again.

You obviously give up too easy. The game is simple and pays out great. I just enjoy free game n free rewards as I have used it on more info last vegas trip but I used for shows not so much on food since u can eat there pretty cheap so hav here its freeee.

Buzz, may I put my two cents in. On my ipad on Jan 1st with only 25 points on before I got the hourly bonus, I click playing Can you win real money on myvegas slots Cove and got a spin for 1 million chips.

Good on you, Gloria! I guess everyone has their favorites and own luck. I would love for someone to add me to their list so we can send chips, I will also do the same for you. Feel free to add me as well and I will add you immediately. But at Leveland no building going on now or in the future I guess….

Just save for trip next year…Still best game on the net!! Can you win real money on myvegas slots have been playing for over a year can you win real money on myvegas slots saving up my points.

I stopped playing for a couple of months during this time. I had overloyalty credits that I just cashed in for a free night at Aria have to pay here resort fee though and 2 free tickets to see Zarkana when I booked it I got front row seats!!!

I am trying to earn enough for 2 free buffets click to see more Aria before we go at the end of June. About the Author buzz Dad. Can you win real money on myvegas slots time Guinness World Record Holder. I run marathons for Team Diabetes. Related Posts Bitcoin gains another level of legitimacy GuestApril 20, Smishing, Vishing, And Phishing: Ruby Randolph August 20, at Shawn October 18, at 1: Michael D'Angona October 23, at 9: A young adult wrote his article above.

Thank you MGM keep up the good work! Many hours a day with it spinning in the background. Janice Amos-Gus November 12, at 9: Bonnie January 1, at 6: Gloria January 4, at 4: Thanks, Click here CCircus aol.

Jennifer Hayes February 21, at 3: Stephanie March 9, at 5: Steven Kleinfeld April 15, at 6: Bev Stikeleather May 6, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply document. Sign-up now for blog updates, exclusive contests, and behind the scenes at cyberbuzz.


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